Why is it called the grumpy old SEO?

Simple, having started optimizing websites before Google was around and still being in the game makes me two things: obviously old, but more importantly, experienced.

So why then the “grumpy”?

Easy, because often clients have wrong expectations, and SEO agencies, consultants, and in-house SEOs struggle to deliver on those expectations and therefore “sell” vanity metrics. This is a frustration for both sides and will not lead to the best results for the client.

SEO Consulting a different way

Working full-time for one of the most respected international SEO agencies, this is a side project to help businesses find the right approach to their digital marketing and to give SEOs a chance to have a sparring partner to bounce ideas off and evaluate strategies.

It is very unlikely that I will take on a full project, but with my extensive knowledge and network in the industry, I can and want to help make the right connections and find the best service for businesses.

There is a big difference if you are a local SME or operating worldwide. Finding the right partner for your SEO needs is essential for your success.

German SEO in the UK

As a native German speaker, I cater to both the UK and the German-speaking market. This can be crucial for companies targeting the D-A-CH markets.

Knowing the ins and outs of the German-speaking market and having strong connections to the best agencies in Germany, I can help find the right partner for you.

International SEO

With headquarters in Vienna (Austria), New York, and Madrid, I work for a global player in the market. This does not mean that this is the right fit for everyone. With contacts all over the world, I can facilitate connections to help you succeed in your international SEO efforts.

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