Why is it called the grumpy old SEO?

Simple, having started optimising website before Google was around and being still in the game makes me two things.

Obviously old, but more important experienced.

Client expectations have to be realistic not pipedreams (there are enough colleagues lining up for this, I don’t).

Start-ups, SME and environmental projects are very welcome.

SEO Consulting a different way

I don’t do a one size fits all job and I don’t do it all for you.

What I do is analysing the best way forward for your website and teach you how to be successful in the long run.

I don’t want to keep projects longer then needed, the more you learn, the higher quality input I can provide – that is what I like.

German SEO in the UK

As a native German speaker I cater for the UK and the German speaking market. This can be crucial for companies targeting the D-A-CH markets.

Learn more about German SEO in the UK.

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